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Styling & Aerokits

Tomcare has the cutting edge in designing and manufacturing aerokits for various car marques in the region.

Our design team works closely with Clients on new and facelifted models entering the market. Valuable data captured through 3D scans enable our designers to establish the base for our designs. Other areas of concern such as weight, clearance and angles are all taken into account during the product development stage to ensure that final product retains or improves on its efficiency.

  • Full Aerokit
  • Front Spoiler
  • Side Skirting
  • Rear Skirting
  • Trunk Spoiler
  • Roof Spoiler
  • Roof Ornaments


Foams are commonly used for its cushioning and dampening properties but new features are now available that include water repelling and sealing, thermal insulation, reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and improvement in acoustics.

The various materials we use include:

  • PU (Polyurethane) – Ether, Ester, Filter, Super Seal, Profile, Contour, Rebond
  • PE (Polyethylene) - Closed Cell Crossed Linked, Non-crosslinked,
  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
  • Sponge CR (Neoprene), EPDM, EPT, NR, SBR


We commonly work with a myriad of felt and synthetic fibers that offer thermal insulation, reduction in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and improvement in acoustic performance.

The materials include:

  • Polyester White Felt (Recycled PET Fibers)
  • Grey/Blue Felt (Garment Fibers)
  • Natural Fiber Felt (Coconut Fibers)
  • PP+PET Fibre (3M Thinsulate, Ecolite)
Thickness Density
6mm-200mm 600g-5,000g/m2
6mm-150mm 500g-5,000g/m2
6mm-200mm 600g-6,500g/m2
6mm-30mm 150g-650g/m2


With our experience in rubber related industry, we develop products that are made from both Natural Rubber (NR) or Synthetic Rubbers (CR, NBR, SBR, EPDM, PUR, Silicone, FKM, HNBR etc). This would include rubber molded products and also rubber extrusion profile for the automotive, electrical, electronic and industrial machines.

Products can be customised to include the following features:

  • Vibration isolation/dampening
  • Protection (grommet, covers, caps)
  • Seal (o-ring, washers, gaskets)
  • Resistance to heat, chemical and environmental factors
  • Anti-static, non-conductive
  • Superior grip